My summer.

Minecraft all day and night.


We are going swimming today.

The 3 Day Weekend

On the weekend I played Grand Theft Auto. The whole weekend. On Grand Theft Auto, I bought a car, robbed a few truckers with my friends, and killed tons of people. Also, I gained loads of money by working part time at the medical center.

The Food Project

Yesterday, we made a taco and burrito looking thing. It had beans, cheese, peppers, chicken, and all of hat good stuff. From my perspective, it didn’t taste to well.

Talent show. :D GoodLuck
Posting on the Internet.


You can meet new friends and talk to family in a different city.

You can video chat with your family.



People can get information about you.

If people get enough information, they can get your IP address and disable your connection.

Pictures of you can get photo shopped and make you look bad.


NOTE: You CAN go to settings and fix the stuff you want to keep private by setting it to yourself only.


A) I don’t think that bill c-130 should be allowed. Although you want to catch criminals, catch them like you are now, don’t barge in random people’s lives and read their private info.

B) I wouldn’t accept this bill because a lot of people have private things online. Next thing people need is people reading their private life discussions.

March Break.

During march break, I played Skyrim on my PS3. I also played Call of Duty. On my laptop I played Minecraft. Yes, that is what I did throughout the week.

This Is My Weekly Blog.

Monday was a Family day. Tuesday sat in school. Wednesday i had a basketball tournament. WE LOSSED!! Thursday sat in school. Friday is today, doing nothing for the rest of the day. Goodbye people.


All the way.